christian Web Hosting made by christian webmasters.

christian Website Hosting was started in 2001 by two christian webmasters James Gardner and Charles Yarbrough. After a couple years running mainstream hosting they started christian Website Hosting just for christian webmasters. Back then more than now you never knew if a web host would allow christian sites. We wanted to let people know that they're christian websites are safe and we appreciate their business with us. To this day we have tens of thousands of christian sites, some of our first customers are still with us after over a decade.


The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
Mark Twain

What makes your support different?

We are simply hard working people. Even after 15 years now the owners James and Charles work almost each day to make sure you get the best web hosting possible. Our personal customer service and tech teams will help you with anything you need via chat, phone, email, or support tickets. Some our techs have been working here helping people like you to do their websites since we started in 2001.

How are you so fast?

Our competitors still use old hardware that can slow down your website, cost you customers, and search engine rankings. You should see some of these data centers of web hosts that are considered "the biggest". The servers are really just old dusty desktop computers. We only use new enterprise grade Intel hardware and the fastest global networks. Most of our customers that come from other web hosts see traffic increases right away.

What does it mean that you run low load servers?

We limit the amount of accounts on each server to about three hundred websites at a time. Our competitors (like the ones you see on TV) host thousands of websites per server. These over-sold hosts have slow downs that you probably won't even notice. The big issue is your visitors probably will, and so will the search engines. While you are sleeping, these over-sold hosts are costing you customers, return visitors, and maybe being spiderd by major search engines.

A little about our network.

Our network is not like most networks. We have redundancy like most big hosts but we also have a lower performance drop-off fully automated from our in-house software. This means when networks (bandwidth providers) stop performing at the best levels, it informs us and we replace it with a new faster network. Because we are in the third largest data facility in the world, we have the luxury to be picky about what bandwidth providers we keep. Basically If one network routinely spikes at lower levels it gets the boot. After 10 years of removing low performing networks and adding newer better performing ones, we have compiled one of the best global networks in the world. In fact our network is faster than 92% of the entire internet according to Alexa and rated even faster by many others. This is more than 200% times faster than our main web hosting competitors. Feel safe knowing your customers will be happy with a reliable fast connection that we guarantee is running 99.99% of the time.

Slow loading or web pages that sometimes do not load at all, can cause your visitors to leave and not come back! We have true redundant tier 1 global bandwidth and redundant global DNS that provide some of the top website loading speeds and uptime reliability available on the Internet.

The majority of our servers are hosted in our premium data center in downtown LA. This facility is directly connected to the third largest Network Hub in the world. Currently there is a full 6000 Mps (6GiG-E connections) supplying our Data Center. In OC fiber line terms that is close to 7 OC-12 lines and 3 OC-3 lines. The data center has connections to the best Internet backbones including Verizon, Internap, Level3, Global Crossing, and much more. By connecting to multiple tier 1 backbones, the data can be distributed through many sources globally. We also share Data Center space in Las Vegas, Canada, New York, Europe, Australia, and Texas for our round robin DNS cluster