addon domains


Addon domains are basically a feature in CPanel that allows you to host multiple websites with one web hosting account.
It gives you full control when you need to host new domains on your main website.

How addon domains work | watch addon video

Once you login, you will see an icon in the top right area called "Addon Domains" click on the link to see this feature. This is a demo and will not actually make any new settings. We have a flash video that shows how to add an addon domain if you follow the link here: Addon Domain Video Tutorial. There you will learn that addon domains are domain names that point to subdirectories within your account. To the outside world, they are just like any other domain hosted on a server. To you, they are sub folders in your hosting account. In fact they are more than sub folders as each addon domain has its own FTP account (username is the same as the sub folder name) and CGI-BIN.

If you have or plan to have several domain sites hosted, do not open a hosting account for each domain. Just pick one domain and get it hosted with us first. To host another domain of yours, just add it to your main hosting account using the "Addon Domains" link from CPanel. As you can see, we offer a very large amount of extra domains with each plan. For the exact amount please view the web hosting plans page here: Website Hosting

Since the main site has already resolved to our server (DNS settings have already propagated throughout the world wide web), newly added domains may take only a few hours or minutes to resolve to our server. Adding a new domain is almost as simple as creating a sub folder in your account.

For visitors: When incoming traffic visits your addon domain, there should be no evidence that it is an addon domain. The addon domain will act as an independent domain with no references back to the main domain.

*Each addon domain has the ability to use the other custom resources like custom email, advanced traffic stats, and much more.
**The one small drawback to addon domains is that they cannot have their own dedicated IP; they have to use the same IP as the main domain.

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