CPanel & WHM makes life easier for christian website owners, offering powerful tools to help you to perform essential tasks quick and easily.

CPanel for website owners provides the world’s most familiar user interfaces for managing a website. With CPanel software, christian website owners can easily manage their email accounts, databases, applications, security, FTP, and control every aspect of their christian websites.

Powerful yet easy to use

Professionals and novices alike love the power CPanel and WHM offers, including the ability to activate new web technologies with the click of a mouse. This allows your website to meet the needs of today's internet surfer with minimal effort.

We update CPanel nightly with new security patches, services, and addons. This is to assure your continued safety and performance.

More options are added frequently, here is most of the options available as of now:

  • Mail
    Manage Email Accounts
    Create Custom Emails
    WebMail for all Accounts
    Auto Responders
    Custom Mail Filtering
    Mailing Lists (mailman)
    Ability to Modify an MX Entry
    Spam Filtering
    Box Trapper
    Email Trace

  • Themes
    Create Your Own
    Change/Add Language

  • Plugins
    Script and App Installer
    Easy Site Builder
    Cloud Linux
    CSF Firewall
    Spam Assassin

  • FTP
    Manage / Add FTP Accounts
    Anonymous FTP Controls
    FTP login message
    Ability to kill FTP sessions
    Default FTP based on main log in
    Reseller and Server FTP log in

  • Site Tools
    Web Protect (htaccess editor)
    Change passwords
    Custom Error Pages

  • Redirects
    Ability to Edit Mime Types
    Ability to Edit Apache Handlers
    Install FrontPage Extensions
    Uninstall FrontPage Extensions
    Search Engine Submit Tool
    File Manager
    WYSIWYG tool
    Easy Site Builder
    App Installer

  • Advanced Tools
    Streaming media
    SSH access (by request)
    Manage GPG Keys
    Cron Jobs
    PHP Configuration
    PHP Pear Packages

  •  Addon & Subdomains
    Ability to Add multiple domains
    Ability to Add/Remove Subdomains
    Subdomain Redirects

  • Network Tools
    DNS Lookup and Traceroute
    Advanced DNS Management
    Network Tools

  • Database Management
    Manage MySQL Databases
    phpMyAdmin Access
    Ruby on Rails

  • Backup
    Full Backup
    MySQL Backup
    Full / Partial Restore
    Twice Daily Backups
    Off Site Backups

  • Traffic Statistics
    Webalizer Web Stats
    Webalizer Ftp Stats
    Analog Stats
    View Latest Visitors
    View Bandwidth Usage
    View Error Log
    Download a raw log file
    Disk Space Usage
    Bandwidth monitor